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The Foot Log, foot massager uses the principles of reflexology - the connection between reflex points on the feet and corresponding parts of the body - to provide a beneficial massage on your feet. A Foot Log, foot massage applies pressure to all the points on the bottom of your feet to provide a massage to the entire body.

A Foot Log, massage on your feet, from heels to toes is specifically created to help with the rigid jarring out feet experience each day.

Use of the Foot Log, foot massager for as little as ten minutes each day can stimulate circulation, reduce stress, and relax tension through the benefits of a reflexology feet massage.

It is designed for simple use: sit down, relax, and roll the Foot Log back and forth under your feet from heel to toe and enjoy a full body reflexology stimulation without knowing the different reflex points on the feet.

Uses as a heel massager to provide your heels with a massage to stimulate circulation to heel pain caused by stone bruise, Plantar fasciitis (subcalcaneal pain), and Heel spurs.

Use as a toe massager to stimulate circulation to toe pain such as calluses, corns, bunions, hammertoes/claw toes, and Morton's neuroma.

Comes with a free 64 page book by Kenneth B. Rehm, DPM, Foot Pain Manual.

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