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Bromi-Talc Foot Powder by Gordon Labs is a cool soothing powder with astringency and absorbency to provide comfort and help prevent foot odor caused by bromidrosis, perspiration odor, and hyperhidrosis excessive sweating.

Specifically, if your feet smell or your feet sweat excessively, Bromi-Talc Foot Powder by Gordon Labs can help. The key ingredient in the Bomi-Talc Foot Powder is Bentonite a high grade talc, which absorbs moisture. This helps to absorbs foot sweat and thus the source of foot odor which causes feet to smell. Bentonite absorbs sweat, 18 times its own weight.

Bromi-Talc Foot Powder by Gordon Labs also contains Potassium Alum which reduces perspiration on your feet acting as an astringent which reduces sweat production by sweat glands on your feet.

Bromi-Talc Foot Powder by Gordon Labs Ingredients: Talc, Potassium Alum, and Bentonite.
Directions for use: Dust on feet once or twice daily or as prescribed by your physician to control foot odor caused by excessive feet sweat ( bromidrosis ) or simply excessive feet sweating without feet odor ( hyperhidrosis ).

*3.5 oz bottle

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