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The Cho Pat Ankle support is designed to relieve the symptoms associated with ankle sprains.

The Cho Pat Ankle support acts as a compression device to provide dynamic forces to those ligaments and tendons stretched or torn. It also provides warmth, thereby reducing swelling and fluid build-up. An elastic, removable velcro fastener allows The Cho Pat Ankle support to provide additional compression to be applied at specific locations and helps stabilize the foot, further preventing undue stress to the outside (lateral) and inside (medial) ligaments.

The Cho-Pat is a conservative, yet effective treatment method. It supports and stabilizes the ankle. It fits comfortably in walking or running shoes. It is easily applied and removed and can be worn with or without the Velcro.

Comes in three sizes:

  • Small Cho Pat Ankle Support - under 125 lbs.
  • Medium Cho Pat Ankle Support - 125 to 175 lbs.
  • Large Cho Pat Ankle Support - over 175 lbs.

Effective on the following types of ankle sprains :

  • Inversion ankle sprain
  • eversion ankle sprain
  • high ankle sprain

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