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Cho Pat Knee Strap provides effective treatment for Kneecap Tendinitis ( also known as Kneecap Tendonitis ) (runner's knee) and other knee degeneration problems. The Cho Pat Knee Strap functions dynamically as the knee bends and straightens such as when you are walking or running. Pressure on the tendon below the knee cap helps guide the knee cap in the groove during the natural running or walking motion.

This improves tracking and assists in spreading pressure uniformly over the surface area. In addition, the strap elevates the knee cap slightly which relieves harmful pressure. For those with Runner's knee, this is important.

The Cho Pat Knee Strap Hand Washable.

Measure circumference below knee cap (inches) to best fit the Cho Pat Knee Strap:

  • Small Cho Pat Knee Strap: 10.5" - 12.5"
  • Medium Cho Pat Knee Strap: 12.5" - 14.5"
  • Large Cho Pat Knee Strap: 14.5" - 16.5"

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