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DNS was formulated using therapeutic levels of key ingredients proven to effectively regulate insulin levels. Ingredients include vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, herbs and nutrients. Key Ingredients: Gymnema Sylvestre Extract - Helps balance blood sugar and control cravings. It blocks intestinal absorption of sugar and the sugar passes through the system. It helps reverse changes induced by diabetes that effect the liver, kidneys, muscles and metabolic functions. Momordica Chirantia Extract - Consistent in its ability to lower blood sugar levels, this better gourd with its leaves rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and phosphorus, significantly improved blood sugar management and glucose tolerance. It also relieves dehydration, which often accompanies diabetes. Chromium - Improves insulin's efficiency, which lowers blood sugar levels. Improves glucose tolerance, which is the body's way to maintain blood sugar levels. Chromium deficiency worsens sugar metabolism, and also may contribute to the development of numbness, pains, and tingling of feet and hands. Vanadyl Sulfate - Studies indicate that vanadyl sulfate plays a role in regulating the body's blood sugar levels, similar to insulin. Studies show that vanadyl sulfate mainly helps the muscle cells uptake glucose (instead of fat cells uptaking glucose). Basically by mimicking the actions of insulin, vanadyl sulfate forces more proteins, amino acids and carbohydrates directly into the muscles. Bottle comes with 60 capsules.

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