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The Foot Log, foot massager uses the principles of reflexology - the connection between reflex points on the feet and corresponding parts of the body - to provide a beneficial massage on your feet. A Foot Log, foot massage applies pressure to all the points on the bottom of your feet to provide a massage to the entire body.

A Foot Log, massage on your feet, from heels to toes is specifically created to help with the rigid jarring out feet experience each day.

Use of the Foot Log, foot massager for as little as ten minutes each day can stimulate circulation, reduce stress, and relax tension through the benefits of a reflexology feet massage.

It is designed for simple use: sit down, relax, and roll the Foot Log back and forth under your feet from heel to toe and enjoy a full body reflexology stimulation without knowing the different reflex points on the feet.

Uses as a heel massager to provide your heels with a massage to stimulate circulation to heel pain caused by stone bruise, Plantar fasciitis (subcalcaneal pain), and Heel spurs.

Use as a toe massager to stimulate circulation to toe pain such as calluses, corns, bunions, hammertoes/claw toes, and Morton's neuroma.

Comes with a free 64 page book by Kenneth B. Rehm, DPM, Foot Pain Manual.

How to Use The Foot Log

The FOOT LOG is designed for simple use. Sit down, relax, and roll the FOOT LOG back and forth under your feet. Try it both barefoot and with stockings; you will notice different sensations. Do this for 5 to 8 minutes. Roll the FOOT LOG from the heel to the toe. Don't go too fast. Then do the sides of the feet, the arches, heels and toes for 3 or 4 more minutes. Where to use the Foot Log

You can use your Foot Log anywhere. It's light and durable. Use it at home, take it to work with you, the gym, even on vacation. The list is endless.

When to use the Foot Log

Anytime your fee experience unabsorbed shock your joints are stressed and blood and fluid pool in the legs. Anytime you have been sitting in one place for too long and your circulation has been slowed. Anytime you have been going too fast without enough rest. Anytime our energy is stained and we feel tired all over. It's great ANYTIME

Why use the Foot Log

Relax muscles and joints Massage the fluids back to the heart Stimulate the reflex points in the feet to reduce pain Exercise by actively moving the nerves and tendons in the feet

Who should use the Foot Log

People with hot tired, burning or aching feet. These symptoms are usually signs of poor circulation and need the added help the Foot Log gives. These are minor symptoms of circulatory problems. Other circulatory problems include arthritis and gout. It is important in these cases to seek medical attention.



WHEN YOUR FEET HURT, YOU HURT ALL OVER; when you concentrate treatment on the feet, you feel better all over. There is a relationship between the nerves in the feet and all the body's individual structures and components. This connection between reflex points on the feet and corresponding parts of the body is called Reflexology. The FOOT LOG will help relax the nerves in the body and feet and help relieve stress and tension. Reflexology is a technique of massage that seem to effect the normal functioning of all parts of the body. The theory is that the feet and hands contain specific points that correspond to different parts and organs of the body. In Zone Therapy, we learn of the discovery by the late Dr. William F. Fitzgerald that pressure and stroking of certain reflexes would bring about the normal functioning of a specific location or organ in the body, no matter how remote it was from the reflex being pressed.

Our feet, with the 26 separate bones of each foot held together by a network of ligaments and tendons, are exposed daily to a rigorous pounding of literally tons (The average foot is subjected to more then 70 tons of pressure per mile.) The FOOT LOG will help relieve this pressure in your aching feet.


Half the deaths in America each year are caused by cardiovascular diseases chiefly, hardening of the arteries. Roughly 1,000,000 people lose their lives because their blood vessels lose their flexibility and cease to function. The FOOT LOG will help increase the Circulation and help return the flexibility to the blood vessels. The FOOT LOG is also good for diabetics because it will increase the circulation in the feet helping to relieve numbness and burning.

For a clearer understanding of the principles of circulation, reflexology, the FOOT LOG and how they affect your whole body health and sense of well-being, now there is available a straightforward, simple book that explains this relationship. General Maintenance Manual For Your Feet is available in paperback as a supplement to your total approach to good health. This is an easy to read book on maintenance of the feet.

On the assumption that the more you know, the better you can take care of yourself, this is not only must reading but a necessary part of your overall approach to good health maintenance.


When we feel pain we naturally rub the place that hurts. If a child cries we automatically pick him up and rub his back. We are trying in our own instinctive way to bring about a physical reaction. And what happens? The spot we rubbed does feel better. The child we held is automatically soothed.

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