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The Fresh Foot Deodorant Combo Pack includes a 3 oz. bottle of crystal and cornstarch deodorant powder, and a 6 oz. bottle of the crystal deodorant mist.

Manufactured by Deodorant Stones of America, using 100% All Natural Thai Deodorant Crystals. Both the powder and the mist are natural deodorants made with finely ground, pure crystal mineral salts. Both the Fresh Foot Powder and the Fresh Foot Mist are designed to eliminate foot odor and control wetness naturally.

Fresh Foot Powder

The Fresh Foot Powder is a crystal and cornstarch combination that contains no aluminum chlorhydrate, no added Talc, and is made without fragrances or preservatives. Use with the Fresh Foot Mist to control odor and moisture naturally, and help your shoes last longer. Eliminate wetness and be dry and odor free, Naturally (no Talc)

Fresh Foot Mist

The Fresh Foot Mist comes in an ozone-friendly non-aerosol bottle, is aluminum- and alcohol-free, hypoallergenic, and is unscented and non-staining. Use with the Fresh Foot Powder to control odor and moisture, and help prevent athlete's foot, leaving your feet clean and dry. The end of foot odors, forever. Simply spray your feet with the new Fresh Foot all natural deodorant spray and enjoy an odor free day or night.

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