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Onox ™ Foot Solution is an over-the-counter product for bromidrosis (excessive moisture) and hyperhidrosis (wet and malodorous). With the unique mineral salt combination designed to control excessive moisture and foot odor, Onox ™ Foot Solution also sloughs off dead skin, reduces blistering and itching, repels athlete's foot fungus, refreshes hot, tired feet, and is fragrance-free.

Directions for use: Spray feet and between toes daily after bathing. Note: Onox ™ Foot Solution will sting if skin is cracked or open. Sensitivity and stinging is temporary. Dead skin will slough off. To reduce sting, dilute Onox ™ Foot Solution with an equal part of water, or more, and spray thoroughly. Return to full strength when there is no more stinging.

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