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The Stretch-Rite ™ system features six, progressive, color-coded handgrips that offer a comfortable hold. This easy-to-use exerciser provides controlled stretch to improve flexibility and range of motion. As flexibility improves, increase stretch by advancing to the next handgrip position. Color-coding encourages progress by giving immediate visual feedback of improvement. Using Stretch-Rite ™ Stretch-Rite ™;s patented design features make it easy to perform each stretch properly. Before you start, determine which handgrips best accommodate your body length and flexibility. As you perform each stretch, check your handgrip position to monitor your progress. To maintain mild tension, adjust your hold on the Stretch-Rite ™. The ergonomically shaped design of Stretch-Rite ™'s handgrips makes it simple to adjust tension during the stretch. The handgrips also serve as visual feedback, encouraging you to increase your flexibility.

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