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The TRIM Neat Feet Callus Remover with easy-grip handle has two different surfaces: a metal surface to soften and remove calluses, and a black abrasive surface to smooth rough skin.

When a TRIM Neat Feet Callus Remover is used rough callused skin, the results over time is the debriding of the damaged soft tissue where calluses have formed resulting in a callus free surface. Its important to use a quality Callus Removal tool like the TRIM Neat Feet Callus Remover because harsh removal of calluses can cause infection by removing the skin's defenses. This is why you want to avoid harsh acidic callus removal chemicals.

Directions for use: Briefly soak callused areas in warm, sudsy water. Gently scrape dry, callused skin with the metal surface, being careful not to rub too hard on the callused skin. Gently smooth rough edges of the callus with the black abrasive surface. Complete by applying a skin lotion such as:

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