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Neuro-Eze Neuropathy Cream

FEATURED PRODUCT : Neuro-Eze Neuropathy Cream

, or the "Miracle Molecule", is a naturally occurring amino acid.  It is considered the most potent .Nutraceutical ever discovered, due to its powerful healing properties.  The remarkable properties of L-Arginine were validated by the 1998 Nobel Prize in Medicine, and since then have created a frenzy in the Pharmaceutical and .Nutraceutical fields.  Medical researchers have gathered enough clinical evidence to bring L-Arginine to the forefront of modern medicine as an accepted treatment for a variety of human ailments. 

The L-Arginine phenomenon is changing standard treatment methodologies in heart disease, immune function, adiposity-generated diseases, genetic growth deficencies, sexual dysfunction, and human aging.

Our wide variety of products surround this "Miracle Molecule" help ease the discomfort of a variety of ailments such as diabetes, diabetic neuropathy, foot pain and arthritis by increasing oxygen content in cells, increasing nerve activity, and increasing blood flow and temperature!

L-Arginine may:

  • Significantly increase oxygen content in cells
  • Significantly increase the temperature of extremities
  • Significantly increase circulation
  • Significantly ease pain and tingling
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